$500,000+ GroundBreaker Prize

Up to $10 Million in Equity and up to $20 Million in Debt Financing
Apply or Nominate a GroundBreaker by January 8, 2019


Image Source: FoodShot Global

FoodShot Global Reminder and Year in Review  FoodShot Global is in the final stretch of accepting applications from innovative businesses for up to $10 million in equity and up to $20 million in debt financing, as well as nominations of researchers, social entrepreneurs, and policy advocates for the $500,000+ GroundBreaker Prize.

Their inaugural challenge, Innovating Soil 3.0, seeks projects and ideas that utilize the latest in technology, science, and engineering to address the crisis of soil deterioration.  From new sensing technologies to predictive analytics to soil microbiome enhancements to land management tools, FoodShot is searching for scalable, investable solutions that counteract the soil degradation of the last 100 years and bring us closer to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system.

Join them in this year’s MoonShot for Better Food by applying for funding or nominating a GroundBreaker by January 8, 2019, at http://www.foodshot.org/apply.html.

In case you missed it, here are a few FoodShot news highlights from 2018:

  • FoodShot Founder and Chairman Victor Friedberg launched FoodShot Global’s inaugural challenge, Innovating Soil 3.0, at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.
  • In an article about the launch, FoodShot’s Executive Director Sara Eckhouse described the “collaborative stakeholder model for making our food system healthier, more sustainable and more equitable.”
  • Victor’s piece in Food+Tech Connect explained why healthy soil is critical to the future of food and how FoodShot is supporting breakthroughs in Innovating Soil to grow healthier, more resilient, and more sustainable food.
  • Sara spoke about FoodShot at the Nutrition Capital Network‘s Spring Investor Meeting and at the Food, Health, and Technology Summit.
  • FoodShot welcomed our first UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health FoodShot Fellow.
  • Victor wrote in AgFunder about why we need a new soil operating system.
  • FoodShot Co-Chair Rajiv Singh published a piece in AgFunder describing the diverse set of technologies and approaches that can be brought to bear to improve the conditions of the world’s soils.
moonshots for better food (image source: www.sustainablebrands.com)

FoodShot Global’s unique combination of debt and equity financing, along with $500,000 in annual philanthropic prizes, helps accelerate food and agriculture innovations that can require support over longer life cycles to be truly transformative.


IIFH and FoodShot initiate their partnerships through an inaugural Innovator Fellowship that offers graduate students essential hands-on experience and insights into how investors evaluate food-agriculture-technology startups.

2018 Innovator Summit

Plenary FoodShot Panel, during IIFH’s 2018 Innovator Summit
How do we best pursue uncommon collaborations and outcomes? How do we produce healthy foods to meet the demands of a growing global population, while considering planetary margins? How do we transform the food system into one that is more healthy, sustainable and equitable?