2017 Request for Innovation – NOW CLOSED

Last year, the Innovation Institute for Food & Health (IIFH) seeded projects in food, agriculture, health, engineering and technology. Having consulted with research and industry colleagues in 2015 and 2016, two interdisciplinary themes have subsequently emerged as priorities. This year, partnerships will focus on innovative solutions at the interface of energy and food. Academic and industry champions are welcome to join a proposal, or engage with us directly in expanding the initiative.

An initial joint endeavor between the Energy Institute at Colorado State University (CSU) and the University of California at Davis (UCD) emphasizes technologies and processes to address energy inefficiencies, food safety and nutritional content in food preservation. An illustrative area of interest includes, but proposals should not be limited to, innovations to augment cold storage approaches, such as improving traditional drying practices used for tree nut, corn and rice preservation in the US. Instruments of change beyond food preservation technologies include advances in packaging, distribution, consumer education and behavior, as well as market and policy drivers.

Did You Miss Our RFI Webinar on June 20?

If you were unable to join the RFI webinar co-hosted by the IIFH and Colorado State University on June 20, click HERE to download the full video presentation or click below to download the PDF file of the slides.

Topics discussed were team composition, partnership opportunities, timelines, funding guidance, and international partnerships. If you still have lingering questions, please complete the FAQ form below.

Submission Process

Project Guidelines
Projects should start in October 2017 for a maximum of two years, however one year projects are strongly encouraged. Total funds for the project should fall in the range of $50,000 to $250,000 direct-cost over two years, with approximately equal division of effort between UCD and CSU counterparts.

Proposal Timeline & Requirements
Applications are due no later than 5pm PST on July 31, and will be submitted online in PDF format to innovation@ucdavis.edu.

Describe the project concept and expected impact in terms of energy savings, mitigation of food waste, nutrition capture or stable storage (4 pages, plus 1/4 page public abstract); synergistic capabilities of the team (1 page); budget and justification (1 page); and proposed timeline with quarterly deliverables clearly defined (1 page). Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  1. Clear milestones and deliverables, with proposed mitigation strategies for anticipated challenges.
  2. At a stage where project funding will result in reduced technical, business or social risk for implementation.
  3. Articulated competitive and cultural opportunity, with need and beneficiary of the innovation clearly defined.
  4. Leveraged interdisciplinary relationships (e.g., scientific, technological, social and/or cultural) for contributing to increased energy efficiency in healthful food preservation. Partnership with industry is strongly encouraged.
  5. Clear steps to translate the project towards impact (e.g., elements of design, user acceptance, social diffusion, political feasibility, governance and enforcement).

Teaming Partner List Registration – CLOSED

Team Composition
At minimum, teams should comprise one faculty each from UCD and CSU, with approximately equal division of effort. It is strongly encouraged that teams also include members of external groups willing to commit resources (materials, expertise or funding) to the project.

To assist with team development, the following form is designed to capture the contact details and expertise of interested parties, and upon verification access will be supplied to the full list.