Driving Innovation through Uncommon Collaboration

The global challenge of delivering appropriate nutrition to diverse communities is complex, requiring that we work together to develop transformative solutions. The UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health (IIFH) makes uncommon connections between sectors and disciplines to catalyze innovation across food, agriculture and health. Our vision is to accelerate deployment of products and processes that enable safe, sustainable, and secure nutrition for all.

We work with partners to identify systemic issues as the basis for collaborative programs. The IIFH strategically coordinates both top-down (partner driven) and bottom-up (investigator initiated) approaches to formulate solutions. This reduces the time from conception to application for transformative impacts.

We are pleased to have you join our first innovation cycle!

Justin B. Siegel
Faculty Director
Innovation Institute for Food & Health

Innovation Institute for Food & Health

Coordination between academic, civil, government, and industry groups informs a comprehensive framework for advancing new discoveries in food, agriculture and health along the entire innovation process. From pressing challenges that INSPIRE us to DEFINE the question and DISCOVER possible answers, to identifying solutions that we can DEVELOP and DELIVER to make an IMPACT in practical application.