2017 Innovator Summit


The Innovation Institute for Food & Health celebrates progress in funding food, agriculture, health, engineering and technology seed projects. Two interdisciplinary themes have subsequently emerged from further consultation with researchers and industry.

We will next focus on innovative solutions at the interface of energy and food. Thereafter, the nutrition benefits of sustainably grown, well preserved food sources will be the focus of innovations to ensure food safety and affordable access into the future.

Please join us with the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in kicking off our next innovation cycle.

Tuesday, May 16 – UC Davis


8:30AM Registration – 6:00PM Reception

An analysis of energy usage in the food system: expert panels, presentations and demonstrations from projects, and the opportunity to consult with research expertise, industry professionals, commodities processors, and investment specialists.

  • Financing – Funding and facilitating innovation in fields with low margins and long time horizons in the 21st century.
  • Systems – Technologies and approaches to evaluate and optimize system-level inefficiencies in food production and processing.
  • Production – How do agricultural producers balance rising energy costs with the need for safe, sustainable, and affordable products?
  • Processing – A review of current bottlenecks and costs associated with energy usage in food processing.
  • Consumption – Nutritional and consumer preferences for fresh vs. packaged foods, as well as energy usage in markets and restaurants for providing safe and nutritious products.

Over the course of the Summit, we plan to focus on how to mitigate food waste and loss while providing broader access to safe, secure, and sustainable nutrition for all. Our hypothesis is that energy costs are a fundamental limitation in processes related to food preservation, including refrigeration and drying, while maintaining nutritional properties in a safe and sustainable manner. We are asking each of the panels to explore this hypothesis from different angles, and have brought together a wide range of experts with unique perspectives.

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